Zero carbon country house, Staffordshire

A few details

Proposals have been approved for an experimental house with integral energy research facilities under Paragraph 79 (now ‘NPPF Paragraph 80’) of the National Planning Policy Framework, related to isolated homes in the countryside, and based on the ‘exceptional quality or innovative nature of the design of the dwelling. The Zero Carbon Lab at Birmingham City University are part of the team, led by Vivid Architects, to undertake long-term research into the use of Elephant Grass (Miscanthus sp.) as a source of energy to inform the wider house building industry in the UK.

Our landscape proposals incorporate Elephant Grass in demonstration and ornamental garden areas and have been designed to enhance the ecological value of the site through extensive collaboration with Davidson-Watts ecology consultants. The position of the house on the site affords wide, attractive and distant views of the surrounding countryside. Trees are located to anchor the house within its setting and to optimize the microclimate affecting the house through consideration of shelter, light and shade; all part of the sustainable philosophy running throughout the project.

Client:Private client, Staffordshire
Date:March 22, 2016

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